Scholarship Creation

Establishing A New BCSC Scholarship

Are you looking for a chance to help Baraboo High School graduates achieve their dreams?  Establishing a scholarship for high school graduates may be your answer.  Some of the scholarships the BCSC administers were established as living memorials to honor people in the community. Others bear the name of an organization or business. In any case, the criteria reflect the values and wishes of each donor.

  • There is a wide range of possibilities for you to consider when you establish a scholarship with the BCSC.
  • Do you want the scholarship to go to a current graduate, a past graduate, or either?
  • Does the student need to demonstrate financial need?
  • Do you prefer a student who will study at a vocational/technical school or college?
  • Should the student have a particular grade point average?
  • Should preference be given to a student with certain physical characteristics?
  • Do you prefer a student who hopes to pursue a particular career such as teaching, nursing, engineering, or business?
  • Whose name should the scholarship bear?  Or, should it honor your own BHS graduating class year?
  • Is this a one-time gift or do you want it to be given for many years?

When you choose to establish a scholarship, you are free to develop criteria for the type of student you want to receive the funds.  We do have four criteria we ask you to follow:

  • The recipient must be a Baraboo High School graduate;
  • The scholarship must be for at least $1,000;
  • Your criteria for potential recipients must be given to the BCSC by November 1 so it can be awarded by the following spring; and
  • The BCSC must receive your payment for the scholarship by March 1.

You can even participate in the scholarship selection process. Potential recipients complete only one confidential application for all scholarships administered by the BCSC.  After these applications are returned, the BCSC Selection Committee members spend weeks reviewing them.  Then the committee meets as a group to match just the right student with the guidelines established for each scholarship.

If the donor prefers, the Selection Committee will identify the top three qualifying students based upon the award guidelines.  The donor then indicates his or her preferences to the Selection Committee, which then makes the selection. All decisions are kept secret until the BHS Honors Night in the spring.

The high school invites all winners to Honors Night but does not indicate to students which award they will receive.

At this event, either you or a BCSC director makes the presentation to the proud student selected to receive your scholarship.  For many, this gift opens doors to their career dreams.  And, students are very conscientious in sending you a personal thank you for your support and trust in them.

After the BCSC receives confirmation of the student’s class enrollment, funds are sent.  Donor payments are received earlier in the year before the application period begins.  BCSC maintains careful accounting of scholarship balances and accrued interest.  All donations are tax-deductible.  We can provide services and expertise not available to individual donors.

BCSC scholarships are possible because of generous contributions by people who believe in the abilities of our students and in the value of higher education in our community.  If you would like to establish a scholarship, please fill out the application linked below and return it to our organization as soon as possible.

Donor Application

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