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When is the 2019 scholarship application deadline?

All application materials must be postmarked by Thursday, February 28, 2019. OR placed in the Student Services Office drop box by the end of the school day on February 28, 2019.  This includes the application form, the FAFSA financial form, all references, and required transcripts.  Make sure you request supplemental materials in a timely manner to meet this deadline.  Materials postmarked or returned after February 28 will not be accepted. Incomplete applications are not considered.

Where can I get a BCSC Scholarship Application?

 All forms are available online (beginning in early January) at the BCSC web site barabooscholarships.com.  Click on the Application Forms link above to find the three main forms you must complete.  BCSC prefers that applications be typed.  The application can be completed using Microsoft Word.  If you do not have Word on your computer, plan to use a high school media center computer or another properly equipped computer.

You can fill out the form on your computer by clicking on each small grey rectangle to enable the typing tool.  Add the information requested and then hit the tab button to move to the next question.  You can fill out this application as your schedule permits by simply saving it to your computer.  When the application is complete, print it, sign it, and mail it to BCSC.

How can I be considered for scholarships with a “financial need” requirement?

Students applying for scholarships that are awarded based upon financial need must submit a copy of the standard FAFSA Form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) available for download at:  www.fafsa.ed.gov.  All financial information remains strictly confidential.  This document is required to qualify for any “financial need” based scholarship.  If you do not include this form, you will not be considered for any scholarship with a financial need requirement.  Please review the BCSC Scholarship Book carefully to learn which scholarships consider financial need as an award factor.

You must include actual financial data.  A certificate stating that you completed a FAFSA form and showing the amount of assistance you qualify for is not acceptable.

IMPORTANT ADVICE:  Please do not wait until the last minute to complete the FAFSA form.  You and your parents will need separate PIN codes to print the application.  It can take several days to get a valid PIN.  If you try to complete this form right before the BCSC application is due, you may not be able to print the FAFSA form in time to meet our application deadline.  Applications submitted without valid FAFSA forms are not considered for any BCSC scholarship requiring financial need.

Are references really important?

Yes.  Please follow the requirements carefully.  All applicants must submit one academic and one non-academic reference.  If you are a BHS graduate, then at least one reference must be from a current source (someone who knows you in your present position).  You can let your references know that the BCSC form is available online at our web site (www.barabooscholarships.com).  As a courtesy to your references, BCSC suggests that you provide each reference with an addressed, stamped, standard business envelope.  It also helps to give them a brief summary of your educational goals and your accomplishments and achievements.  The Letter of Recommendation Request Form is a good resource to give your reference writers.   Please remind your references by word or telephone a few days before the application deadline.

It’s also necessary to provide BCSC with accurate reference contact information.  We try to follow-up on missing references–so we need correct contact information (e-mail addresses are especially appreciated!).  This is very important, because a missing reference could mean denial of scholarship consideration!

Finally, just a word of advice…your references will be much more valuable if they are submitted independent of your application, OR if you have the writer give you the form in a sealed envelope with their signature over the flap (so we can verify that things weren’t altered).    We do accept references attached to your application, but know that we view references that are submitted separately or in a sealed envelope as more informative and useful.

Can a retired teacher write a reference for me?

Yes.  If the person taught you, a recommendation from a retired educator is acceptable.  The important distinction for an academic reference is that the person writing it MUST have been one of your teachers at some point in your life.

A reference from a teacher who has never taught you is considered a personal/non-academic reference.

How do I know what scholarships are available from BCSC?

The BCSC Scholarship Book contains descriptions of all scholarships currently administered by the Baraboo Community Scholarship Corporation.  You can find this document on our web site.  Click on  BCSC Scholarship BookYou will need a copy of Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view this document.  Go to:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html to install this program.  Copies of our source book can also be found in the Baraboo High School Student Services Office.

How do I decide what scholarships to apply for?

You do not apply for individual BCSC scholarships.  By completing a single BCSC application, you can be considered for all BCSC scholarships.  There is no need to let BCSC know which scholarships you might be interested in receiving.  Our Selection Committee filters your application responses and identifies all scholarships that match your qualifications.  To increase your chance of receiving a specific scholarship, make sure your application highlights the attributes you think are applicable.

Do I need to have a major in mind to apply for scholarships?

You do not need to have a specific major in mind, but declaring areas of interest will help our Selection Committee match you to potential scholarships.  Many of our scholarships require a specific major or area of interest.  Applicants with undecided majors who haven’t declared any areas of interest don’t fall into the sorts for many of these scholarships.  You will increase your chances of getting a scholarship if you give BCSC an idea of what interests you.

When will I find out if I received a BCSC scholarship?

All scholarships awarded by BCSC will be announced at the Baraboo High School Honors Night. This event will be held on May 9, 2019

How do I receive my scholarship funds?

To claim your funds, send proof of registration along with your completed Recipient Request Form for Payment of Scholarship to BCSC, P.O. Box 380, Baraboo, WI  53913.  You received this claim form at Honors Night.  If you need another copy of the payment request form, click on the Funds Request Form link above.

Scholarship payments begin after July 1 each year.  If your scholarship is paid in two installments, a second request including proof of registration should be mailed to BCSC after your second semester enrollment information is available.

I want to establish a scholarship.  How do I do this?

The BCSC welcomes new scholarships.  We can help you set up, administer, and maintain your scholarship.  To learn more, click on the Scholarship Creation link in the left-hand column of this page.

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