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Scholarship Applications: Tips and Advice

The Baraboo Community Scholarship Corporation prefers that applications be typed. The application may be completed using Microsoft Word.  If you do not have Word on your computer, plan to use a high school media center computer or another properly equipped computer. You will be asked to detail your extra-curricular activities, work history, achievements and awards.  Begin compiling this information early to make sure that you don’t omit any significant facts.

To fill out the application, simply click on the link below to open the form. You can fill out the form on your computer by clicking on each small grey rectangle to enable the typing tool.  Add the information requested and then hit the tab button to move to the next question.  You can fill out this application as your schedule permits by simply saving it to your computer.  When the application is complete, print it, sign it, and mail it to BCSC OR place it in the BCSC box located in the High School Student Services Office.

 IMPORTANT NOTE FOR APPLE COMPUTER USERS:  Make sure you open all BCSC forms in WORD FOR MACINTOSH and not Text Edit.  The formatting and form completion capabilities do not work correctly in Text Edit.

IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR ALL APPLICANTS:  Please refresh this page to make sure you are completing an updated version of our application form.  The correct form will have a January, 2017 date in the footer.  If your form does not contain this date, you may be omitting important details that BCSC needs to match you to the maximum number of scholarships possible.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Friday, February 28, 2020

2020 Application Form


** PLEASE NOTE: The Google Docs link above is a template: it is not directly editable. Applicants should create a copy of the template document in their own Google Drive: go to the File Menu, select Make a Copy…, when prompted rename the copy to include the applicant’s actual Last and First names, then save the application in Google Drive. The applicant can then edit their own copy of the file.


 You must provide two references. Applications with missing references are disqualified. One reference must be from an academic source (teacher, coach, administrator, etc.) and one must be a non-academic reference (work supervisor, volunteer leader, pastor, friend, neighbor, etc.).  If you have already graduated from BHS, at least one reference should be from a current instructor or supervisor. Complete the Reference Background Form prepared by the BHS Guidance Office (see the link below for a copy of this form) and give it to each of your reference writers.  Ask your choices early before they get too busy. Your references must complete the BCSC Reference Form. Tell them that they can access the form on this website.  Make sure you provide each reference with a stamped return envelope addressed to the BCSC, P. O. Box 380, Baraboo, WI  53913. Finally, follow up with thank you notes!


Just a word of advice…your references will be much more valuable if they are submitted independent of your application, OR if you have the writer give you the form in a sealed envelope with their signature over the flap (so we can verify that things weren’t altered). We do accept references attached to your application, but know that we consider references that are submitted separately or in a sealed envelope as more informative and useful.


Students applying for financial need-based scholarships must submit a copy of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form used to apply for federal and state student grants, work-study and loans. You may obtain this form by clicking on the link below.  All forms must be completed online.  Make sure you print two copies  of this document: one for your records and another to attach to your BCSC scholarship application.

IMPORTANT ADVICE:  Please do not wait until the last minute to complete the FAFSA form. You and your parents will need separate PIN codes to print the application.  It can take several days to get a valid PIN.  If you try to complete this form right before the BCSC application is due, you may not be able to print the FAFSA form in time to meet our deadline. Applications submitted without valid FAFSA forms are not considered for any BCSC scholarships requiring financial need.

In summary, please make sure you submit a copy of your actual financial information. A certificate stating that you completed a FAFSA form and summarizing your general need is not acceptable.  Applicants will not be considered for financial need scholarships if this information is not complete.  All financial information remains strictly confidential.

FAFSA Financial Form

  2018-2019 FAFSA Information


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